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Floor Scale CV. Scalindo Hadi Pratama Terlengkap

Floor Scale Scalindo Hadi Pratama

A floor scale has many practical uses. A scrapyard uses a floor scale for weighing scrap metal and other recyclable materials. A warehouse uses a floor scale to weigh pallets, boxes and containers. A weigh station uses a floor scale to weigh trucks, motor homes and other vehicles. Because a floor scale has so many diverse applications, different floor scale models feature different optional accessories such as access ramps, wall mounts, floor plates, tripods and extra-long cables. Some floor scale models offer a data interface, like an RS-232 or USB port, to allow the floor scale to transfer data to a computer or printer. In addition, a floor scale may come with software for reporting and analysis. In many instances, data from a floor scale can be exported to software such as Microsoft Excel.

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